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We are a diversified private sailing club located in lovely Galesville, Maryland. Our home waters on the West River empty into the Chesapeake Bay from its Western Shore. We welcome every boat owner who seriously pursues yachting under sail into membership. Our clubhouse and grounds occupy one of the most attractive sites on the Bay. From modest beginnings nearly 70 years ago we have grown into one of the most active sailing clubs on the Bay. We offer a complete range of friendly and relaxed sailing activities as well as high caliber racing to suit all sailors.

Clubhouse and Grounds: Our all-weather Clubhouse is situated on about one acre of land on the shore of Tenthouse Creek. The view from the patio looking out onto the West River and the Bay beyond can be awe-inspiring when the light is right on a clear day. Our club moorings and 270 foot pier provide a place for big boats and dinghies to tie up while our members and guests are ashore.
Dry storage on trailers is available for one-design dinghies. Rack storage is available for Lasers or Optis. Contact the appropriate one-design fleet captain regarding on-site storage. Lightweight boats usually launch off the beach while heavier ones use one of two electric hoists. Commercial marinas within an easy walk or car trip provide docking facilities for big boats.
The clubhouse offers showers, kitchen facilities, and ample space to meet, socialize, or even measure sails.

The village of Galesville offers good opportunities for dining and provisioning or just a nice walk ashore.

Special Notice



We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

Upcoming Events