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Flying Scot Fleet 97 is based at The West River Sailing Club in Galesville, Maryland and has been a part of that club's one-design racing program since 1979. The club's central location to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. make it an easy commute for its members.
Although only 15 miles south of Annapolis by road, the West River is several light years away from the crowded conditions that routinely turn weekend events on the Severn River into a turf war.
The location also puts us within easy reach of other clubs on the bay that sponsor Flying Scot events, as well as a convenient spot for trailering to national events of the Flying Scot Sailing Association.
The Flying Scot Sailboat has proved to be a ideal boat in which to realize the many benefits of the WRSC racing program. The boat is so well suited to the conditions on the West River that the club elected to use the Scot for our adult sailing school. The boat is stable as well as fast, and can easily be raced by a husband and wife team. The fleet has several members who have proved that, yes, married couples can race together, and not only enjoy it, but keep up with the competition. In fact, the Scot is the only class that conducts a separate championship regatta for married couples, and the event, the Wife/Husband Championship, routinely attracts 40 to 50 boats every year.
Fleet 97 also enjoys a diverse schedule of sailing events sponsored by the club. There is racing from May to October for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert. A typical season will include six days of summer series racing, with three races each day, usually on Sunday afternoons. These races are well attended by both the beginners and experienced sailors in the fleet, and as a result, sailors new to racing can use these races as a gauge to measure their progress. There are also several club invitational regattas scheduled that will attract other Flying Scot sailors. That will  provide a good opportunity to test your speed against Scot sailors from other clubs on the Bay. And finally, for a true test of your skills, there are the Association events, including the Capitol District Championship, Midwinter Championship, North American Championship, and Wife/Husband Championship. Some of the countries top sailors are in the Flying Scot Class and the competition at these events is at the highest level.
So, if you are interested in one-design racing, come to WRSC and check out Fleet 97's program. For those new to the game, take some lessons in our adult sailing school. You'll have fun and get familiar with the Scot at the same time, and the price is right. If you're already an experienced racer, you'll find plenty of good competition.
For information regarding the Flying Scot at West River Sailing Club, contact the Fleet Captain.

Special Notice



We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

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